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The Law Office of Ariana Kushak practices in the area of family law, estate planning, probate administration and litigation and general litigation. Below are some of specific issues we deal with:


  • Contested and Uncontested Divorce          

  • Property division incident to divorce

  • Drafting of Separation Agreement

  • Divorce planning

  • Financial and tax consequences of divorce

  • Impact of divorce on estate planning

  • Enforcement and modification of divorce decrees from other states and countries

Child Support

  • Assessment of child support

  • Modification of child support order  currently in effect

  • Enforcement and collection of child support

  • Contempt actions due to failure to pay child support 

  • Joint Petition for modification of child support

Custody of Minor Children and Visitation

  • Physical or primary and legal custody

  • Non-removal orders

  • Recovery of minors abducted to foreign countries

  • Hague Convention issues

  • Registration of Minors with the State Department

  • Termination of parental rights

  • Visitation rights of non-custodial parent

  • Parenting and custody rights of non-married parents


  • Demand for alimony in a divorce proceeding and opposition to it

  • Collection and enforcement of alimony award

  • Tax consequences of alimony

  • Modification of alimony

Separate Support

Action for separate financial support only. It does not result in a divorce. This may be appropriate if you have been mistreated financially in a marriage but do not wish to go through a full scale divorce. 

Pre-nuptial agreements and post-nuptial agreements

Analysis of consequences of a divorce decree and all provisions of a Separation Agreement on your Estate Planning

Adoption, including international adoption 

Establishing Paternity

Domestic Violence 

  • Abuse Prevention/ restraining orders in the context of divorce proceedings (M.G.L. Chapter 208, § 18 and M.G.L. Chapter 209(a)).

  • Complaint for protection from harassment (M.G.L. Chapter 258(e))

Estate Planning

  • Review of current estate planning documents, if any, and advice as to whether changes need to be made

  • Creation of  Wills

  • Creation of Trusts

  • Creation of Powers of Attorney and Durable Powers of Attorney

  • Creation of Health Care Proxies

Probate Litigation 

  • Court representation in courts in will contests

  • Court Representation of personal representatives

Estate and Trust Administration

  • We would be happy and honored to be named as your personal representative in your will or a trustee in your trust. We will handle your assets and your property as it ought to be  - with care and due diligence.

  • If a loved one passed away, you have been named a personal representative in their will and you feel like handling his or her affairs after their death is too much for you, we'd be happy and honored to step in and do all the necessary work for you.

Trust Administration

Translation, Certification and Notarization of Documents

  • We translate and notarize documents from Russian and French into English


  • We can also translate English language documents into Russian and French and vice versa.

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